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Oregon Law Admissions

2014-15 Tuition and Fees

$30,586 (estimated Oregon resident tuition)
$38,056 (estimated Nonresident tuition)

Beginning in Fall 2014, with the Class of 2017, the University of Oregon will provide a comprehensive bar preparation course to each of its graduating students. The cost of this course is included in the fees described below. 

The first third of your tuition will be due September 1. The second third of your tuition is due October 1, and the last third of your tuition is due November 1.

Law students are classified as graduate students.

Payment of mandatory fees entitles students who are enrolled for academic credit to all of the services the university offers its students including the recreation center, the health center, and the library system. In addition, law students have access to a dedicated student lounge, individual lockers, the law library, and complete technology support at the Knight Law Center.

Tuition and fee schedules are subject to revision each summer by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, and final determination on the amounts is available at that time. Estimated tuition figures for 2014-15 can be found here: http://financialaid.uoregon.edu/cost_of_attendance_law.

Annual costs

  • Tuition and fees Oregon resident – $30,586
  • Tuition and fees­ Nonresident – $38,056
  • Off-campus housing academic year (Rent and Utilities $855, Food $360) – $10,932
  • Books and supplies – $1,050
  • Personal expenses (Cost varies depending on personal spending habits) – $2,340
  • Laptop computer and accessories (first-year only; annual Mac and Dell recommended packages) – $1,650
  • UO law student health insurance (optional) ­ 2015-2015 – TBA (2013-2014: $3,264). Read more
  • UO parking permit (optional) – $300 (2013-14) Read more
  • Matriculation fee (required, one time) – $362
  • Law school events fee (required, one time) – $150

Because your living arrangements and personal spending habits are unique, the figures above should be used only as a guideline for your own financial planning. They reflect average annual costs for a single law student with no dependents.


You may apply for in-state tuition if you are in Oregon for other purposes than attending school and you have lived twelve continuous months or more in the state. Source of income, financial relationship to an Oregon resident, ownership of Oregon living quarters, tax and employment history, and purpose for being in Oregon are all taken into consideration. Other rules may apply to Oregon Native Americans, military personnel, state employees, and applicants whose parents are Oregon residents.

It is difficult for students who apply to the University of Oregon as nonresidents to establish residency during their student years. 

More detailed information is available from:

Residency Officer
1217 University of Oregon
Office of Admissions
Eugene OR 97403-1217
telephone (541) 346-3201 or (800) 232-3825;
or at admissions.uoregon.edu.


Oregon University System (OUS) employees are not eligible to receive staff rates for tuition at the University of Oregon School of Law. The law school J.D. Program, as well as the Master's in Conflict Resolution and LL.M. in Environmental and Natural Resources Law, are University of Oregon programs that are excluded from the OUS staff tuition rates benefit.

Tuition Payment.

Billing and payment services are delivered electronically through our online billing and payment service, QuikPAY®.  Students and authorized payers can view the bill, make an online payment, or print a copy of the bill.

Electronic billing statements are generated on a monthly billing cycle and are produced around the 16th of each month.  Payments are due on the first day of the following month. Interest and billing charges are assessed on past due balances after the 10th of each month.  The first billing statement for Fall term will be available mid-September; for Winter term mid-December; and for Spring term mid-March.

Once the statement is available online, an electronic notification will be sent to the student's official UO email address.*

Students access QuikPAY® by:

  • Logging into Duckweb using their UO ID & PAC
  • Selecting "Student Menu"
  • Selecting "QuikPAY® Student Account"

Payments can be made online through QuikPAY®, in person, or mailed with the bottom portion of the printed electronic bill to:

UO Cashiers Office
PO Box 3237
Eugene, OR 97403-0237

If you do not have a copy of the electronic bill, please include the student name and UO ID number with your payment.

* Once students have been assigned a UO ID, PAC number, and have registered for classes, they can access their UO email by activating their Duck ID. Duck ID provides access to email, wireless, modems and Blackboard. Students should use their UO ID number as the username and their PAC number as the password for the first login.

More student account information is available from the business office at (541) 346-1119.

Tuition Refunds.

If you completely withdraw from the law school or reduce your course load below 9 credits, you may be entitled to a tuition refund. Refunds are based on assessed tuition and class fees, and are calculated from the date you officially drop a class or reduce credits, not the date of your last class attendance. No part of the admissions $600 seat deposit is refundable.

To view the refund schedule for the current year and for additional information, please see: http://registrar.uoregon.edu/costs/refunds

For information regarding tuition and fees for Conflict and Dispute Resolution Masters Candidates, click here.

For information regarding tuition and fees for the Environmental and Natural Resources Law LL.M. program, click here.

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