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I've been accepted to several law schools in the Pacific Northwest. What makes Oregon Law different?
Unlike most of the other law schools in the Pacific Northwest, the University of Oregon School of Law is situated on the campus of a major research university. As part of an institution with more than 24,000 students, available to you are abundant intellectual resources and the opportunity to participate in a variety of program options. As the state's flagship institution, research undertaken by the University of Oregon responds to the needs of the people of the state and, in so doing, impacts the welfare of the region and the nation. Because the University is one of only 61 research institutions in the elite Association of American Universities (AAU), the University of Oregon enjoys a respected national reputation. In addition, the success of its athletic teams brings instant recognition to the holder of a University of Oregon degree. And, of course, everyone knows the Ducks!
What's a typical day like in law school?
Each semester's schedule is a little different. Successful 1Ls tend to think of each day of class as a day at work. So, these students are usually found at the law school from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Your day will be pretty full when you include time spent studying in the Jaqua Law Library or with a study group. Part of your success will be a result of how well organized and diligent you are in preparing for class. We recommend easing into law school organizations and activities in the spring semester, once you've had a chance to see your fall grades.
Where do law students live?
In truth, all over Eugene and in near-by Springfield. And, if you are moving from a big city, prepare to see your rent decrease. The law school is near the eastern and southern borders of UO's 295-acre campus. So, there is rental housing available near-by. However, we suggest that you always ask a property manager how many law students live in the complex or building that you're considering. Study habits of law students and undergraduates are not always the same, though, and you're probably better off in a place with a fair number of law school (or graduate school) tenants. Remember, too, that if you decide to live in other parts of Eugene-Springfield, public transit is free with your UO id card. The Lane Transit District EMX stops just two blocks north of the Knight Law Center.
Should I know what I want to specialize in before I start law school?
It's okay to begin law school thinking about different areas of interest. While most students indicate an area of interest on their application, about 20% graduate with a specialized "statement of completion." Some students refine their interests, while others discover new directions, inspired by a faculty member's course, experience, or research. Many take advantage of our extensive clinic and externship program, which enables you to acquire practical skills in a real client setting. Almost 90% of our students choose to test their interests and abilities in this way. Together with our new Center for Career Planning and Professional Development, our faculty, staff, alumni, and the local Eugene legal community, we will help build on the strengths you bring to law school and show you the possibilities of how those strengths can be utilized. Whether you aspire to be an attorney, a business leader, public servant, sports agent, or the head of a nonprofit or NGO, our ultimate goal is to help you use your legal education to achieve your goals.
Is there really homework due the first day of class?
Yes, but don't worry about it. Assignments will be posted during Orientation. While the reading may seem daunting at first, the experience of finally being in a law school classroom will be exhilarating. In the meantime, make time during the summer to relax. You'll have to "hit the ground running" when classes begin.
What do Oregon Law students like to do outside of class?
You'll have lots of activities to choose from outside of class. Eugene is Oregon's second largest city and its motto is "A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors," which is exactly what you'll discover. About 156,000 people live here. So, there are activities to meet almost every interest. For example, you can go for an early hike up Mt. Pisgah, shop for organic produce at Saturday Market, have lunch at a food cart, see a Broadway play at the Hult Center, and enjoy a late night dinner at a great Thai restaurant. If you have room for dessert, have ice cream at a shop near the Knight Law Center which President Obama made famous. (He ordered a double scoop of mint chip and green tea, BTW.) Getting out of town to great places is easy, too. You can fly in and out of Eugene Airport or take AMTRAK, if you're doing some serious traveling. Closer-in, both the Oregon Coast and the Cascade Mountain Range are about a one hour's drive. And when you want the distractions of a larger city, Portland (or "Portlandia," as some like to call it), is just two hours north. Oh, and don't forget Duck games, matches, and meets, and all of the cultural events offered just across the street at the University, too. You'll have lots of ways to reward yourself for being a hard-working law student!